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Winners Choice: Valeting Caddy van or Raptor 700 or £7K cash
£1.50 per number
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Guaranteed Live Draws

Winners Choice: Valeting Caddy van or Raptor 700 or £7K cash

Ends: 29/07/2024
Max Tickets: 20800
Guaranteed Live Draw
+ £11,000 INSTANT WINS

£1.50 per number



Winner is: Lee Luck

Ticket number: N223 Answer: Germany
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🎉 Winners’ Choice! 🎉

Pick from either:

  • 🚐 A complete valeting business setup with a VW caddy van
  • 🏍️ A Yamaha Raptor 700
  • 💷 £7,000 cash (tax-free)

We have a fantastic competition offering a choice of 3 amazing prizes! You can either choose the fully equipped valeting VW Caddy van, perfect for starting a mobile valeting business, a Yamaha Raptor 700, or take home £7,000 cash directly to your bank account! 🎁

But that’s not all! Every entry gives you a chance to win one of these main prizes AND a chance of £11,000 worth of Instant Wins! 💰

43 Instant Wins to find:

  • 1 x 1000 entries for this draw
  • 4 x £500 cash 💰
  • 4 x £250 cash 💰
  • 3 x £500 site credits
  • 10 x £100 site credits
  • 12 x £250 site credits
  • 10 x £100 cash 💰

As usual, this draw will close early if all entries are sold out. ⏳

Good luck! 🍀

Instant prizes and winners

Z4171000 EntriesFreddie Harvey
R16£500 cashSteven Mock
A760£500 cashJordan Huggins
H210£500 cashFreddie Harvey
Z141£500 cashFreddie Harvey
H693£250 cashFreddie Harvey
L358£250 cashDeclan10
M679£250 cashFreddie Harvey
Z541£250 cashShane Dickenson
J700£500 site creditsDerek Hoggan
I99£500 site creditsFreddie Harvey
L409£500 site creditsFreddie Harvey
K183£100 site creditsDerek Hoggan
F59£100 site creditsFreddie Harvey
P799£100 site creditsFreddie Harvey
G601£100 site creditsDerek Hoggan
H566£100 site creditsFreddie Harvey
U380£100 site creditsAileen Lacey
Q167£100 site creditsAshley Batchelor
M756£100 site creditsColin Muir
R619£100 site creditsFreddie Harvey
U460£100 site creditsFreddie Harvey
P40£250 site creditsAlex Gregoriou
N660£250 site creditsSean Evans
L544£250 site creditsJordan Huggins
L343£250 site creditsDerek Hoggan
K558£250 site creditsJordan Huggins
H738£250 site creditsDerek Hoggan
H474£250 site creditsAlex Gregoriou
E498£250 site creditsAlex Gregoriou
E414£250 site creditsFreddie Harvey
B84£250 site creditsJordan Huggins
A369£250 site creditsDerek Hoggan
A191£250 site creditsHarry Ching
R550£100 cashReuben Edgar-McInally
A308£100 cashFreddie Harvey
C566£100 cashThomas Mobley
H112£100 cashMichael Weldrick
P507£100 cashJay Iddles
R550£100 cashReuben Edgar-McInally
X341£100 cashSamuel McDonald
W702£100 cashAlex Gregoriou
U666£100 cashDeclan10
P9£100 cashAlex Gregoriou
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