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Winners choice: Ultra Bee or Gold Chain 🤩
£2.00 per number
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Guaranteed Live Draws

Winners choice: Ultra Bee or Gold Chain 🤩

Ends: 14/04/2024
Max Tickets: 20800
Guaranteed Live Draw
+ £25,000 INSTANT WINS

£2.00 per number



Winner is: Connor Innes

Ticket number: W5 Answer: Electricity

Conner Innes - Winners Choice

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🌟 Winners choice: Black Stealth Surron Ultra Bee or Gold chain 🌟

Unlock £25K in Instant Wins! 🌟

For just £2 per entry, you’re not just entering to win the choice of a sleek Black Stealth Surron Ultra Bee 🏍️  or the Gold chain – you’re diving into a treasure trove of over £25K in instant wins!

Main Prize choice: Experience the thrill of the Ultra Bee Surron, the pinnacle of electric bike engineering or take the Gold chain

£25K Pot of Instant Prizes: But that’s not all! Your entry also puts you in the running for a wealth of instant prizes. Imagine winning additional electric Surron bikes, cash prizes, and much more – all for the same £2 entry!

Instant Wins Include:

  • 🛵 Stealth Blue Surron
  • 🚲 2 x Light Bee Surron
  • 🎟️ 1000 entries for this competition
  • 💷 £1000 cash
  • 💸 £750 cash
  • 🍀 4 x £500 cash
  • 🎁 2 x £500 site credits
  • 💎 Cuban Gold Bracelet
  • 🚴‍♂️ 2 x Electric balance bikes
  • 🛍️ 5 x £200 site credits
  • 🏦 7 x £50 cash

🍀 Good Luck! 🍀

Seize this incredible opportunity for just £2. The main prize could redefine your adventures, and the array of instant wins adds even more excitement to the mix. Your next entry could be the key to unlocking these fantastic prizes. Dive in!

Instant prizes and winners

M301Stealth Ultra beeRhys H
G120Light Bee SurronRikilee Brown
G20£1000 cashReace Hill
Z7661000 entriesEthan Earnshaw
C404£750 cashAndrew Driscoll
C415£500 cashKarl Shaw
D694£500 cashJonny Robbins
W211£500 cashNathan Nash
Y718£500 cashJonathan Jarvis
X660£500 site creditsJonny Robbins
W651£500 site creditsjoshclothier22
Y212Cuban Gold braceletDaniel Berry
V633Electric balance bikeDale Creen
U626Electric balance bikeEthan Earnshaw
T537£200 site creditsJordan Huggins
S514£200 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
Q481£200 site creditsMark Porter
P455£200 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
O453£200 site creditsKyle Cooper
I406£50 cashGareth Davies
D389£50 cashRich Birks
J300£50 cashEthan Earnshaw
H231£50 cashAnthony Scott
K210£50 cashDaniel Zommers
L126£50 cashKai Smith
M78£50 cashAnthony Scott
R480Surron Light beeCraig Cook
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