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Winners Choice: Raptor or Caddy Van
£2.00 per number
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Winners Choice: Raptor or Caddy Van

Ends: 18/08/2024
Max Tickets: 26000
Guaranteed Live Draw

£2.00 per number


  1. Shane Dickenson
    Ticket number: P908
    Answer: Four
  2. Johnnie anderson
    Ticket number: N44
    Answer: Four
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🎉 Winners Choice: Take the Raptor 700 or Pick the VW Caddy Van! 🚀🚐 Two Winners – First Winner Takes First Pick! 🥇

Get ready for an exciting Winners Choice competition! Two lucky winners will be drawn, and the first winner gets to choose between our amazing main prizes: the Raptor 700 or the VW Caddy Van.

💰 Plus, there’s a whopping £22,000 worth of Instant Wins up for grabs! Every number you buy gives you a chance to win instantly! 🎟️✨

🔍 59 Instant Wins to Find:

  • 🏍️ Surron eDirt bike
  • 💸 4 x £1000 cash
  • 💳 4 x £1000 site credits
  • 💸 2 x £500 cash
  • 💳 2 x £500 site credits
  • 💸 8 x £250 cash
  • 💳 8 x £250 site credits
  • 💸 5 x £200 cash
  • 💳 5 x £200 site credits
  • 💸 10 x £100 cash
  • 💳 10 x £100 site credits

As always, this competition will be drawn early if it sells out! 🕒✨

Good luck! 🍀🤞

Instant prizes and winners

K555SurronAlex Gregoriou
C573£1000 cashFreddie Harvey
D267£1000 cashJimmyBowden
O347£1000 cashAndy goldsmith
W174£1000 cashLiam Mentos
D656£1000 site creditsAlex Gregoriou
F550£1000 site creditsJanson Osman
F617£1000 site creditsJordan Huggins
H36£1000 site creditsJordan Huggins
D956£500 cashFreddie Harvey
H578£500 cashFreddie Harvey
H36£500 site creditsJordan Huggins
L514£500 site creditsaaron mcnamee
H666£250 cashShane Dickenson
H878£250 cashShane Dickenson
J611£250 cashShane Dickenson
K67£250 cashShane Dickenson
K651£250 cashLiam Mentos
M968£250 cashShane Dickenson
N626£250 cashAlex Gregoriou
M145£250 cashShane Dickenson
M988£250 site creditsFreddie Harvey
O348£250 site creditsJordan Huggins
P328£250 site creditsJordan Huggins
Q248£250 site creditsRommel Weale
Q657£250 site creditsJosh Danskin
S860£250 site creditsFreddie Harvey
V242£250 site creditsJosh Danskin
V648£250 site creditsJordan Huggins
O215£200 cashFreddie Harvey
S2£200 cashShane Dickenson
U702£200 cashAlex Gregoriou
V313£200 cashAlex Gregoriou
E104£200 cashJanson Osman
D957£200 site creditsJordan Huggins
C876£200 site creditsShane Dickenson
C146£200 site creditsDan Hancock
C31£200 site creditsAaron Mason
B654£200 site creditsJordan Huggins
X159£100 cashSimon Trafford
S969£100 cashShane Dickenson
R762£100 cashLaura Clarke
R289£100 cashJon Schoeman
Q202£100 cashShane Dickenson
O263£100 cashAlex Gregoriou
N44£100 cashJohnnie anderson
L653£100 cashJordan Huggins
K648£100 cashLee Luck
J394£100 cashJanson Osman
H685£100 site creditsAlex Gregoriou
H595£100 site creditsAaron Mason
G268£100 site creditsBilly Thomson
K596£100 site creditsJosh Danskin
J494£100 site creditsAaron Mason
E809£100 site creditsJordan Huggins
D343£100 site creditsShane Dickenson
C562£100 site creditsAlex Gregoriou
C51£100 site creditsAlex Gregoriou
B201£100 site creditsAdam Lake
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