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Winners choice, Bike, Gold or cash
Winners choice: Bike, Gold or Cash 😎💰
£2.00 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

Winners choice: Bike, Gold or Cash 😎💰

Ends: 21/06/2024
Max Tickets: 13000
Guaranteed Live Draw

£2.00 per number



Winner is: James Hampshire-bird

Ticket number: C4 Answer: Electricity
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Winners Choice: Take either of the Surron Bikes, Gold chain or £3500 cash 🏍️💷

The main prize draw features the choice to take either the bespoke Surron, fully equipped and customised, ready for a wheelie, Surron + £1000 site voucher, Gold chain + £2000 cash or £3500 tax free cash!

We’ve also got £10,000 in instant wins up for grabs, all for just £2 per entry! 🎟️

Winners choice: (either of these prizes)

  1. Custom 72V Surron
  2. Surron + £1000 site credits
  3. Gold chain + £2000 tax free cash
  4. £3500 tax free cash

Whopping 52 Instant wins to find 👀

  • £1,000 Cash 💰
  • £1,000 Site credits 🛒
  • 4 x £500 Cash 💸
  • 8 x £250 Cash 💵
  • 8 x £250 Site credits 🛍️
  • 10 x £100 Cash 💷
  • 20 x £50 Site credits 🎉

This will be drawn sooner if sold out!

Best of luck! 🍀

Instant prizes and winners

X477£1000 cashAndrew Carr
J116£1000 Site creditsJordan Huggins
G469£500 cashDale Good
I360£500 cashMike brooks
U78£500 cashMike brooks
J374£500 cashHarrylbTaylor
H223£250 cashSam Bates
H35£250 cashWilliam Horne
G292£250 cashDaniel Berry
F399£250 cashAshlie Dickens
F136£250 cashWilliam Horne
E417£250 cashMike brooks
E290£250 cashMike brooks
B402£250 cashNathan Steele
I444£250 Site creditsAlexandra Pszkit
C144£250 Site creditsaaron mcnamee
W295£250 Site creditsJordan Huggins
U109£250 Site creditsBen Corden
P458£250 Site creditsaaron mcnamee
L443£250 Site creditsJordan Huggins
K314£250 Site creditsSam Bates
G9£250 Site creditsSam Bates
M283£100 cashAndrew Carr
O295£100 cashAlexandra Pszkit
R169£100 cashSam Bates
R421£100 cashAaron Turner
T462£100 cashLukey63
Z438£100 cashjodieludford1
B21£100 cashSam Bates
E301£100 cashBen Corden
K222£100 cashAlexandra Pszkit
L260£100 cashHarrylbTaylor
V116£50 Site creditsAlexandra Pszkit
U427£50 Site creditsAlbert Mcauliffe
U90£50 Site creditsLiam Sullivan
T85£50 Site creditsJordan Huggins
R349£50 Site creditsFreddie Harvey
R274£50 Site creditsCoye Franklin
Q342£50 Site creditsFreddie Harvey
O327£50 Site creditsFreddie Harvey
M231£50 Site creditsMike brooks
J401£50 Site creditsAndrew Carr
H292£50 Site creditsAaron Turner
G98£50 Site creditsAndrew Carr
F366£50 Site creditsAdam Robinson
F66£50 Site creditsJordan Huggins
E219£50 Site creditsJordan Huggins
E90£50 Site creditsKain Paley
C454£50 Site creditsDanny Byrne
C276£50 Site creditsWill Lewis
B139£50 Site creditsaaron mcnamee
A194£50 Site creditsLisa Munnelly
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