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Winners choice: £4k cash or pick a bike
£2.00 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

Winners choice: £4k cash or pick a bike

Ends: 18/05/2024
Max Tickets: 13000
Guaranteed Live Draw
+ £12,000 INSTANT WINS

£2.00 per number



Winner is: Jordan Huggins

Ticket number: Y451 Answer: Electricity
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Winners Choice: Take £4000 cash or pick a bike! Along with £12k Instant Cash Prizes for Just £2!

For just £2 per entry 🎟️, you have the chance to win either £4000k cash or take a pick of the bikes! Either a Ultra Bee Surron bike 🏍️ or Honda CRF…Plus, there’s a pot of £12,000 worth of Instant Wins 🎉 to discover!

Bikes to choose from: Surron Ultra Bee or Honda CRF

41 Instant wins to uncover: 🕵️‍♂️

  • 2 x £1000 cash 💷
  • 1 x £1000 site credits 💳
  • 6 x £500 cash 💷
  • 4 x £500 site credits 💳
  • 4 x £250 cash 💷
  • 4 x £250 site credits 💻
  • 10 x £100 cash 💷
  • 10 x £100 site credits 💻

All this for just £2 – two little nuggies!  🌟

Wishing you the best of luck! 🍀

This will be drawn early if sold out!

Instant prizes and winners

C110£1000 cashAlexandra Pszkit
I466£1000 cashGianluca Pastore
A201£1000 site creditsNathan Steele
J193£500 cashR
W382£500 cashGianluca Pastore
Y171£500 cashJoe Belcher
G210£500 cashAlexandra Pszkit
G236£500 cashAlexandra Pszkit
I390£500 cashAlexandra Pszkit
B175£500 site creditsShane Dickenson
D499£500 site creditsJordan Huggins
J313£500 site creditsJordan Huggins
N498£500 site creditsAlexandra Pszkit
S125£250 cashAlexandra Pszkit
W449£250 cashJae Mcaloon
H487£250 cashHardiman87
U91£250 cashTerri York
X450£250 site creditsShane Dickenson
X160£250 site creditsTom Anderson
U236£250 site creditsR
T286£250 site creditsAlexandra Pszkit
Z41£100 cashAlexandra Pszkit
Y360£100 cashMac Long
U476£100 cashAlexandra Pszkit
Q179£100 cashAlexandra Pszkit
O236£100 cashAlexandra Pszkit
L161£100 cashAlexandra Pszkit
K306£100 cashJames Brooks
H20£100 cashJade Harper
F464£100 cashBilly Loxton
E163£100 cashLee Wilson
J19£100 site creditsAnthony Trevor james
P49£100 site creditsKarl Shaw
K100£100 site creditsAlexandra Pszkit
Y156£100 site creditsKayleigh Flitton
X401£100 site creditsSean Green
R250£100 site creditsJonny Robbins
P279£100 site creditsShane Dickenson
H371£100 site creditsJordan Huggins
E37£100 site creditsAlexandra Pszkit
D34£100 site creditsGianluca Pastore
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