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Win this custom Surron along with £17k of instant wins
Win this Surron + £17K Instant Wins
£2.00 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

Win this Surron + £17K Instant Wins

Ends: 27/12/2023
Max Tickets: 15600
Guaranteed Live Draw
+ £17,000 INSTANT WINS

£2.00 per number



Winner is: Jimmy dorrington

Ticket number: W69 Answer: December 🎅🏼
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⚡⚡ Calling all electric vehicle enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies! ⚡⚡

Get ready for an electrifying adventure with our “Electric Prize Madness” giveaway! 🎉

You could win the main prize, a custom brand new Surron, along with a pot of £17,000 worth of instant prizes, for just £2 per entry! 🤑

These instant wins are bonkers! 🤯 You could find another custom Surron, a Talaria XXX, a Talaria Sting, and cash prizes hidden among the entries. 🎁

How many instant prizes can you find? 🤔

Here’s what you could win:

  • Custom Surron (blue) 🏍️
  • Talaria XXX 🏍️
  • Talaria Sting 🏍️
  • 2 x £1000 cash 💰
  • 2 x £500 cash 💰
  • 2 x £350 cash 💰
  • 8 x £250 cash 💰
  • £500 Site credits 💳
  • 5 x 200 Site credits 💳
  • 5 x £100 cash 💰

Don’t miss out on this electrifying opportunity to win big! 💥

Enter now for just £2! 💸

Good luck! 🍀 Early draw if it sells out.

Instant prizes and winners

Z367Custom Surron (blue)Mitchell Steel
Y201Talaria XXXJordan Huggins
X228Talaria StingMyles Crawford
W558£1000 cashMyles Crawford
N135£1000 cashDavid Shaw
P296£500 cashNicola Lightfoot
W467£500 cashMyles Crawford
B122£350 cashNicola Lightfoot
U289£350 cashGeorge Bagnall
T201£250 cashJordan Huggins
S456£250 cashNicolas Mcguire
R567£250 cashMyles Crawford
Q345£250 cashJordan Huggins
P178£250 cashMyles Crawford
O533£250 cashSam Maxwell
N389£250 cashSam Brooks
M456£250 cashJimmy dorrington
A13£500 Site creditsDave godfrey
A178£200 Site creditsAdam Hamblin
I290£200 Site creditsMichael Souter
H56£200 Site creditsAdam Garner
G19£200 Site creditsJordan Huggins
F32£200 Site creditsJames Duke
E198£100 cashPerry Evans
D543£100 cashFaye Vollans
C389£100 cashJordan Huggins
B533£100 cashMyles Crawford
B512£100 cashJordan Huggins
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