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Win this Stark Varg or £8K Cash
£2.00 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

Win this Stark Varg or £8K Cash

Ends: 26/02/2024
Max Tickets: 20800
Guaranteed Live Draw
+ £21,000 INSTANT WINS

£2.00 per number



Winner is: Alexandra Pszkit

Ticket number: Z743 Answer: Electricity

Alexandra Pszkit - Stark Varg

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Score big with the incredible Stark Varg, the unrivalled electric bike champion, or opt for the exhilarating £8000 cash alternative – all tax-free! 💷


And that’s not all – with every number you grab, you open the door to a world of winning possibilities! 🚪 Picture yourself cruising on a custom Surron, stacking up £1000 in tax-free cash, or adorning your wrist with a dazzling 9ct gold Cuban bracelet, and that’s just the beginning!

But wait, there’s even more excitement! 👀 Dive into a pool of 41 instant prizes that could be yours:

🏍️ Custom Surron
💷 2 x £1000 cash (tax-free)
🌟 9ct Cuban gold bracelet
🔗 9ct Curb gold bracelet
🎮 PS5 Slim
🕹️ PS5 VR2
💷 2 x £500 cash (tax-free)
💳 4 x £500 site credits
💷 4 x £250 cash (tax-free)
💳 4 x £250 site credits
💷 10 x £100 cash (tax-free)
💳 10 x £100 site credits

Best of luck in your quest for instant wins! May the odds be ever in your favour! 🍀✨

Instant prizes and winners

Y727Custom SurronVictoria Maclean
B234£1000 cashMark Porter
T292£1000 cashVictoria Maclean
R288Curb braceletBen Knight
F612Cuban braceletAndy Blund
C351PS5 slimGary Collins
W399PS5 VR2Matthew Maclean
Z585£500 site creditsBen Corden
Y626£500 site creditsLee Alm
X629£500 site creditsBen Corden
W654£500 site creditsBen Corden
W13£500 cashWilliam Eyers
V662£500 cashScott Wilson
V38£250 cashKieran Henson
U672£250 cashCarl Skyrme
U45£250 cashTroy Dixon
T89£250 cashAaron Dilley
T673£250 site creditsBen Corden
S680£250 site creditsJamie Coy
S102£250 site creditsMatthew Fulton
R682£250 site creditsKai Smith
R132£100 cashJamie Hiskey
Q714£100 cashVictoria Maclean
Q140£100 cashRyan Foley
P738£100 cashJamie Coy
P141£100 cashCraig Gaudreau
O216£100 cashLee Alm
N256£100 cashNigel Wallington
M259£100 cashRyan Mcdermott
L288£100 cashVictoria Maclean
K302£100 cashEthan Earnshaw
J322£100 site creditsTerrence Sharp
I368£100 site creditsLee Alm
H381£100 site creditsMark Porter
G421£100 site creditsFreddie Harvey
F423£100 site creditsGianluca Pastore
E445£100 site creditsSyd Haskayne
D505£100 site creditsLee Alm
C551£100 site creditsLee Alm
B570£100 site creditsColum Ward
A578£100 site creditsBen Knight
A368KTM 85Aaron Dilley
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