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Win this Stark Varg + £10K Instant Wins
£1.50 per number
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Guaranteed Live Draws

Win this Stark Varg + £10K Instant Wins

Ends: 08/02/2024
Max Tickets: 20800
Guaranteed Live Draw
+ £10,000 INSTANT WINS

£1.50 per number



Winner is: Anthony Mcknight

Ticket number: V273 Answer: Electricity

L15 - William Eyers won the kids balance bike (Free giveaway)

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Secure the Stark Varg eBike with £10k instant wins!

OR choose one of the following: Banshee Quad or £10K cash or Raptor Quad or a custom Surron + £2k cash!

Additionally, explore the £10,000 instant win pool of prizes. How many can you uncover?

What is a Stark Varg?

The Stark VARG stands out as the most advanced electric motorcycle globally, surpassing traditional 450 combustion bikes with a remarkable 30% increase in power.
Featuring a lightweight motocross frame, the lowest center of gravity, and optimised weight distribution, the Stark VARG offers unparalleled agility and a featherweight riding experience.

Instant prizes to find! £10k worth!

  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15
  • 2 x £1000 site credits
  • 4 x £500 cash
  • 4 x £250 cash
  • 5 x £200 cash
  • Playstation Portal
  • 5 x £200 site credits

23 instant wins in total!

Instant prizes and winners

R334iPhone 15 ProShane Dickenson
V478iPhone 15Arron Campbell
U691£1000 site creditsRyan Lloyd
T475£1000 site creditsOllie Judge
K580£500 cashGeorge Bagnall
F632£500 cashShane Dickenson
J759£500 cashRyan Lloyd
P215£500 cashScott Pearce
O640£250 cashRyan Lloyd
N718£250 cashMitchell Steel
M457£250 cashKirstie Thompson
L299£250 cashRyan Lloyd
K772£200 cashRyan Lloyd
J503£200 cashRyan Lloyd
I366£200 cashPaul Hargreaves
H628£200 cashSanjay Bains
G409£200 cashRyan Lloyd
F731Playstation PortalRyan Lloyd
E554£200 site creditsCoye Franklin
D287£200 site creditsShane Dickenson
C689£200 site creditsRyan Lloyd
B432£200 site creditsRyan Lloyd
A578£200 site creditsKylecarey05
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