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Win this Honda Chicken Cub 140cc (1986)
£0.50 per number
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Win this Honda Chicken Cub 140cc (1986)

Ends: 29/07/2024
Max Tickets: 13000
Guaranteed Live Draw

£0.50 per number



Winner is: Jordan Huggins

Ticket number: C394 Answer: London
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🐔🏍️ Win a Customised 1986 140cc Honda Chicken Cub! 🏍️🐔

Have the chance to win this amazing customised Honda Chicken Cub with an upgraded engine from 90cc to 140cc!

For just 50p per entry, you could win this fantastic bike with a 140cc customised engine, a full 12 months MOT, and 4 gears ready to rock and roll! 🎸🏁

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got £2,500 worth of Instant Wins up for grabs! 💰✨

🎉 50 Instant Wins: 🎉

  • 25 x £50 cash 💷
  • 25 x £50 site credits 💳

As always, this will be drawn early if it sells out! ⏳

Good luck! 🤞🍀

Instant prizes and winners

V117£50 cashFreddie Harvey
P400£50 cashFreddie Harvey
P126£50 cashDerek Hoggan
O322£50 cashDerek Hoggan
O57£50 cashDerek Hoggan
M394£50 cashJordan Huggins
M297£50 cashFreddie Harvey
L299£50 cashJordan Huggins
K386£50 cashDan veness
G295£50 cashFreddie Harvey
G132£50 cashMichael Fullwood
E446£50 cashFreddie Harvey
E445£50 cashDerek Hoggan
D132£50 cashFreddie Harvey
A332£50 cashFreddie Harvey
Z187£50 cashCorey Tannahill
W131£50 cashDerek Hoggan
V198£50 cashDerek Hoggan
T289£50 cashFreddie Harvey
T227£50 cashDerek Hoggan
J113£50 cashSarah Hopwood
I145£50 cashJames Duke
I30£50 cashJames Hampshire-bird
H42£50 cashJordan Huggins
A142£50 cashFreddie Harvey
A53£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
A270£50 site creditsJoe Randall
B105£50 site creditsStuart Sharman
B429£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
C207£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
D378£50 site creditsJordan Huggins
E187£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
E378£50 site creditsJordan Huggins
F314£50 site creditsTom Craggs
G89£50 site creditsBrian boyle
H48£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
H388£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
I381£50 site creditsTom Craggs
J99£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
K160£50 site creditsTom Craggs
L277£50 site creditsDerek Hoggan
M238£50 site creditsDerek Hoggan
O330£50 site creditsDerek Hoggan
O495£50 site creditsDerek Hoggan
P92£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
Q250£50 site creditsDanny Wilson
S11£50 site creditsJonathan Jarvis
T376£50 site creditsDerek Hoggan
Z171£50 site creditsDerek Hoggan
X494£50 site creditsCorey Tannahill
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