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Win this DJI OM 5 Handheld Gimbal
£1.00 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

Win this DJI OM 5 Handheld Gimbal

Ends: 27/02/2022
Max Tickets: 500
Guaranteed Live Draw

£1.00 per number



Winner is: Kian Diggin

Ticket number: 57 Answer: Apple
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Win this DJI OM 5 Handheld Gimbal for just £1!

£1 per ENTRY! Only 500 numbers – GREAT ODDS!

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Prize Description:


DJI OM 5 Handheld Gimbal


Take full advantage of your smartphone’s amazing camera with the DJI OM 5 Handheld Gimbal. Its three powerful motors keep your phone steady so you can take smooth, professional-looking videos. The magnetic clamp lets you attach your phone in seconds and holds it firmly in place, so you don’t have to waste time setting up.

The OM 5 has a trick up its sleeve – a 215 mm telescoping arm that gives you more reach and options while filming. The arm extends smoothly and lets you get wider selfie shots, and higher angles for your videos.

There are tons of clever features and effects to help you get the perfect cinematic shot. The OM 5 recognises the scene you’re filming and gives you helpful tips and offers templates for amazing results. It can make stunning panoramas, timelapses, and DynamicZoom shots and many more. Or even follow your face for the perfect framing.

The OM 5 is tiny and folds down to be even smaller, so you’ll barely know about it when you put it in your bag for your next adventure. And at just over 600 g, you can keep filming throughout your trip without your arm getting tired.

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