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Win £5000 cash plus £16,000 instant wins
Win £5000 cash + £16,000 of Instant Wins
£1.00 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

Win £5000 cash + £16,000 of Instant Wins

Ends: 12/05/2024
Max Tickets: 20800
Guaranteed Live Draw
+ £16,000 INSTANT WINS

£1.00 per number



Winner is: Jordan Huggins

Ticket number: J253 Answer: $99
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Win £5,000 in Tax-Free Cash, Plus Over £16,000 in Instant Prizes!

Seize the chance to win a spectacular £5,000 cash prize! But there’s more – delve into our treasure trove of over £16,000 in instant win prizes waiting to be claimed.

Prize Breakdown:

Main Prize: £5,000 cash (Tax free)

32 Instant Win Prizes Totalling Over £16,000:

    • 1 x Surron Light Bee Electric Bike
    • 2 x of £1,000 cash each
    • 1 x KTM 65 (2002 model)
    • 6 x £500 cash
    • 1 x £1,000 site credits
    • 2 x £500 site credits
    • 5 x £200 cash
    • 10 x £100 cash
    • 4 x £50 site credits

Best of Luck! Remember, if all tickets sell out, the draw will take place early and be streamed live!

Don’t miss out – enter now for your chance to win big!

Instant prizes and winners

K490Surron Light BeeShane Higgins
C327£1,000 cashJordan Huggins
R68£1,000 cashFreddie Harvey
J312KTM 65 (2002)Freddie Harvey
H288£500 cashFreddie Harvey
F709£500 cashFreddie Harvey
E642£500 cashScott tyrrell
B142£500 cashTom Hughes
X433£500 cashFreddie Harvey
A524£500 cashFreddie Harvey
A164£1,000 site creditsRicky Grimshaw
A579£500 site creditsFreddie Harvey
F144£500 site creditsFreddie Harvey
I202£200 cashMartin Reed
K545£200 cashAndy Blund
L737£200 cashLee Wilson
M563£200 cashFreddie Harvey
N155£200 cashFreddie Harvey
P175£100 cashDaniel Downs
Q105£100 cashBrad Payne
T250£100 cashTravis Green
V547£100 cashFreddie Harvey
Y693£100 cashJordan Huggins
Z203£100 cashCameron Smith
Z794£100 cashWilliam Eyers
B592£100 cashCallum Greer
E300£100 cashDavid Blairs
H707£100 cashAdam Robinson
V785£50 site creditsLiam Wilkinson
I357£50 site creditsAndy Blund
O413£50 site creditsFreddie Harvey
S768£50 site creditsRyan Simpson
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