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Valentines Love Money Cash Hunt Competition
Love money cash hunt 😍 Valentines Special 💘
£0.50 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

Love money cash hunt 😍 Valentines Special 💘

Ends: 04/03/2024
Max Tickets: 13000
Guaranteed Live Draw

£0.50 per number



Winner is: Dominic Honegan

Ticket number: O437 Answer: Love

£1500 Cash - Dominic Honegan

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Cupid’s Cash Quest: The Love Money Cash Hunt 🏹💘💰

Join the quest for money love and lucre this Valentine’s! With 13,000 entries at just 50p each, you could win one of 34 instant cash prizes or the grand treasure of £1,500! 💖🔍💸 Your love story with fortune starts here! 😍

💰 34 Instant Win Cash Prizes:
– 2 x £300 cash
– 2 x £200 cash
– 5 x £100 cash
– 10 x £50 cash
– 5 x £100 site credits
– 10 x £50 site credits

Don’t be stupid cupid and miss out on the fun!

For just 50p per number, how many can you discover? 🕵️‍♂️🔍

Instant prizes and winners

C115£300 cashEthan Earnshaw
R485£300 cashAaron Dilley
P232£200 cashAaron Dilley
Q455£200 cashAaron Dilley
U184£100 cashKris Gray
D361£100 cashEthan Earnshaw
P434£100 cashFreddie Harvey
O406£100 cashEthan Earnshaw
N380£100 cashEthan Earnshaw
M352£100 cashEthan Earnshaw
L324£50 cashEthan Earnshaw
K295£50 cashEthan Earnshaw
J269£50 cashMark Porter
I237£50 cashEthan Earnshaw
H208£50 cashEthan Earnshaw
G178£50 cashMark Porter
F154£50 cashEthan Earnshaw
E125£50 cashNicola Robinson
D98£50 cashDan Gunter
C70£50 cashEthan Earnshaw
J356£100 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
N319£100 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
B41£100 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
A20£100 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
B214£100 site creditsJosh Hunter
B256£50 site creditsPerry Evans
J128£50 site creditsRyan Foley
N471£50 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
W145£50 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
A333£50 site creditsAaron Dilley
Z500£50 site creditsGavin Prince
X246£50 site creditsKerry Taylor
Y100£50 site creditsEthan Earnshaw
C221£50 site creditsRichard Bradbury
B392£50 site creditsKyle Cooper
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