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£1500 Cash Hunt + 34 Instant Wins
£0.50 per number
Guaranteed Live Draws

£1500 Cash Hunt + 34 Instant Wins

Ends: 19/01/2024
Max Tickets: 13000
Guaranteed Live Draw

£0.50 per number



Winner is: Robert McMillan

Ticket number: X132 Answer: £20 note

Free Giveaway (Electric Balance bike) - Sam Youdan O430

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💸🌟 New Year £1500 Cash Hunt + 34 Instant Cash Wins 🌟💸

Get set for an epic New Year 2024 cash adventure! The grand prize is a whopping £1500 in tax-free cash, and there’s also a mega pot of £3000 for instant wins that could be yours in an instant! All this excitement for just 50p per entry!

💰 34 Instant Win Cash Prizes:
– 2 x £300 cash
– 2 x £200 cash
– 5 x £100 cash
– 10 x £50 cash
– 5 x £100 site credits
– 10 x £50 site credits

Don’t miss out on the fun – these go like hotcakes!

For just 50p per number, how many can you discover? 🕵️‍♂️🔍

Instant prizes and winners

Z496£300 cashRyan Hardaker
Y241£300 cashShane Dickenson
X408£200 cashMyles Crawford
X263£200 cashPeter Horan
W195£100 cashCanmeron46
V426£100 cashShane Gaffar
U451£100 cashMike brooks
T417£100 cashDaniel Dawson
S389£100 cashPaul Howe
R108£50 cashDale Good
Q398£50 cashShane Dickenson
Q135£50 cashAlexandra Pszkit
P457£50 cashMike brooks
O215£50 cashAlexandra Pszkit
N482£50 cashShane Dickenson
M387£50 cashShane Dickenson
M235£50 cashShane Dickenson
L432£50 cashSiobhan Tebbutt
L127£50 cashShane Dickenson
K387£100 site creditsShane Dickenson
K100£100 site creditsCoye Franklin
J311£100 site creditsPaul Howe
I426£100 site creditsShane Dickenson
H420£100 site creditsAlexandra Pszkit
H348£50 site creditsMike brooks
G289£50 site creditsJack Davies
F497£50 site creditsWilliam Eyers
F354£50 site creditsShane Dickenson
E268£50 site creditsPaul Howe
D483£50 site creditsCoye Franklin
C239£50 site creditsConnor Gilligan
B143£50 site creditsMike brooks
A415£50 site creditsPaul Howe
A212£50 site creditsShane Gaffar
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